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Swift Results™ is Colorado Springs' largest home selling solutions service. Our professional, experienced home buyers have processed more than $59.4M in property since 2003 and in 2014 we're off to a great start helping home sellers just like YOU.

We buy houses across the Colorado Springs and Pike's Peak Region, so our home buyers can assist you in the home selling process no matter where you need to sell a house. We're also the only company who gives you multiple options for selling a house fast.  Our mission is to provide a win-win offer that Benefits You!

Step 1: Complete the Online Form or Call Now

Simply complete the confidential online seller information form to the right or pick up the telephone and call us direct at 719-44SWIFT ext. 011 (719-447-9438 ext. 011) or. All of the information you give us will be held in confidence. Please feel free to call us anytime, 24 hours a day.

Step 2: View Property and Gather Information

During our first conversation, our home buyer will need to ask some basic questions about your property. We will gather the facts and focus on getting the information we need to start formulating a win-win offer that benefits you. In most cases, we gather this information in a single meeting. Then, we quickly do our analysis and prepare your offer.

Step 3: Cash Offer and Agreement to Purchase

After viewing the property our home buyer can have you a firm written offer within hours and often right on the spot. We will present the offer to you in clear and easy to understand terms. Our commitment to you is to make this process as easy and efficient as possible, providing you with creative solutions to your specific real estate problems.

Step 4: Get Paid

At this point, you and Swift Results have come to an agreement, and you have found out that we can pay all cash with no contingencies. You have also seen that we work on your timetable rather than an unpredictable real estate market. You tell us when you want to close, and we will work around your schedule. It's that easy! Just fill out the confidential online seller information form and our professional buyer will contact you soon.

Our Mission

It is our mission at Swift Results to achieve win-win transactions with every homeowner looking to sell their house quickly.

It is our goal to make you a fair offer for your property so that you can move on in your life without having to worry about the details of selling a property.

We will listen to all your needs and do our best to create a win-win offer that benefits you, and if for some reason, we do not feel our solution is the best course for you, we will suggest other options that may be a better fit and still submit a "back-up" plan offer for you.

Our fair offer allows you to sell your house 'as is' and close on the date of your choice

What Exactly is a FAIR Offer?

In order to understand what a fair offer is you must understand the common expenses of a real estate transaction in Colorado. There is a difference between what price you are offered and what you "take home." If you are selling your home and are offered 200,000.00 for your house you can be sure that what you clear is considerably less.  Some of the common expenses selling your property the traditional way are real estate commissions, closing costs, title company fees, title insurance fees, buyer inspection repair lists, surveys, payments made while waiting to close with a traditional buyer and many other small but annoying fees.  When we make you an offer it is a NET offer. This way you know exactly what you will be taking home from the closing table.

You Pay NO Realtor Expenses

When you sell a property with a real estate agent, there is a 6% of the sales price that is paid to the buying and selling side agents. So if you were to sell a home for 200,000 that is a 12,000 commission that is paid at the time of closing.  While some of our team are licensed agents, our offers do not include real estate agents so you NOT have to worry about real estate fees.

You Pay NO Closing Costs

When we buy your house you will not have to pay our closing costs in order for us to enter into an agreement. It is now customary for sellers to pay the closing cost of the buyer in a conventional real estate transaction. This can be anywhere from 3-4%. So in the example of the 200,000 purchase price this translates to another 6,000 to 8,000.00. Our net offers INCLUDE paying for all of your closing costs.

You Make NO Repairs

Once you enter into a traditional real estate contract the next step is for the buyer to schedule a home inspection. In this home inspection the inspector goes through your house with a fine tooth comb. It is the goal of the inspector to point out any items whether major or minor to the potential buyer. The buyer will then ask the seller to fix these items or walk away altogether. It is not uncommon for the checklist of the home inspector to cost anywhere from 2-10,000 to fix depending upon what the home inspector finds. Our offer to you is "AS-IS" so that means you do NOT have to FIX ANYTHING.

You Have NO Long Closing Time Frames

One aspect of selling your property is the closing date. Conventional real estate transactions can take anywhere from 30-60 days to get to the closing table, and often buyers back out at the last minute do to inspection lists, inability to raise the down payment for their mortgage, they simply don't qualify for the mortgage or the mortgage financing rules for the buyer change and they can no longer qualify.  The reason the long time frame is needed is because your potential buyer is getting financing. During this time you still are responsible for mortgage payments, taxes and insurance. Again, It is also a possibility that the financing could fall through and leave you back where you started. Our offers are CASH so we can close in as little as 7 days if necessary.

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