We buy houses in Colorado Springs – Are these companies credible?

If you have been driving down Academy Blvd or Garden of the Gods Road, odds are that you have seen billboards or other smaller roadside signs that say..We Buy Houses In Colorado Springs.  Do you ever wonder, are these companies credible?

How can you tell if these local house buying companies are legitimate? How do you know if you should waste your time checking them out or calling them? There is always the trusty BBB but what about real live folks that have had dealings with these companies? Everyone’s situation is unique….but one thing is for sure, some companies you need to stay clear of….

And that is what you want to know…What things do I need to look for or avoid when feeling out the options for selling my home?

Truthfully, they can all look the same at the start…but allow us to walk you through some things to look for in a local house buying company before you start to work with them.

Buying and selling houses is a respectable profession that aids communities and house sellers in many ways.  Not every home meets the criteria for a “traditional” sale through a realtor. Sometimes it’s a time issue, sometimes it’s a money issue, and sometimes it’s a people issue. There are many great, ethical folks who improve neighborhoods one house at a time.

But just as with any other line of work, there are always some house buyers who make the rest of us look bad.  Those are the shady ones who put money first and clients second.  They would sign a contract to sell their own grandmother with one hand while stabbing you in the back with the other – as long as the money was there.

We all know they are out there.  The question is, how to avoid them?

Well, we can help you find a local reputable company to work with who can buy your house for a fair all-cash offer and close on your schedule, so let’s cover exactly what the best house-flippers are doing.

What reputable Colorado Springs house buyers are doing.

  • Helping folks improve their lives by accessing the money they need right away. People often need the cash for their house to cover unexpected medical expenses, or to relocate to be close to a relative. We can make that happen in just a few days, and provide peace of mind.
  • Helping sellers get rid of a burdensome property without the hassle of having to list it with a broker and wait months and months for it to sell.
  • Creating local jobs. We use local plumbers, electricians, contractors, title companies, loan officers, administrators and many other folks in the process of buying and rehabbing a home. The average real estate transaction involved 86 people from start to finish. Our investments help create and maintain real jobs for people in Colorado Springs. 
  • Increasing the value of our neighborhoods. When we improve a house, we’re helping to increase the real estate values of the entire community. We often repair abandoned and/or neglected houses, turning them into beautiful homes instead of the eyesore they may have become. That activity strengthens Colorado Springs home values.
  • Increasing the tax base. When a new buyer takes over one of our properties, they’ll pay a higher tax rate based on the improvements and the resulting increased value. Those taxes to to pay for our schools, fire, police, libraries, streets and other important parts of a community’s infrastructure. Again, improving our neighborhoods.

This is a good thing, right?

Lots of people look at house-flipping as a get-rich-quick scheme.  That’s fueled by multitude of fix & flip reality shows on TV, which make it seem like the process is full of drama and surprises that are often portrayed as too awful to deal with.  In reality, it doesn’t usually work that way, and generally what we do on a daily basis is actually pretty boring.  Most of the time, what we do is coordinate with a variety of people to make sure things are happening on time.  We have to keep track of a lot of moving parts, but because we have been doing this for so many years, even that isn’t too difficult to manage.

So let’s get back to how you can use this information to find out if someone is a credible investor, and not just pulling a house buying scam.

How to ensure you’re working with a reputable local house buyer.

When you talk with a local house buyer about potentially buying your house…ask some of the questions below to ensure they are reputable, knowledgeable, and honest.  Ask open-ended questions designed to solicit more than a yes or no answer.

  • Do you have a website I can look at?
  • Can you tell me more about how you buy houses?
  • Do you have any references that I can call, either professionals or prior clients?
  • How can I know that you will be able to close on my house when you say you will?

Second, look for tell tale signs of tactics that some shady operators tend to use.

  • “Kitchen table closings” If a property buyer tries to get you to sign the contract (deed of ownership) of your house over to them in any place other than a professional office of a closing attorney or title company, don’t. Reputable house buying companies will perform the actual closing of the sale at a neutral 3rd party place, usually a title company. This ensures the sale is valid and legitimate, and that there will be no unforeseen complications after the fact. 
  • Pressuring you into a fast closing. If a house buyer tells you that you have to make the decision fast, like the same day, be very leery. Most reputable companies will make you an offer and then allow you time to think it over, for at least 2 to 7 days, before you make a decision. This is a big decision and it is very important that you don’t feel pressured into making it. House buying services, such as ours at Swift Results, will have a deadline for our offer and for your decision to be made, but that’s because the market changes and with it, the home values can change week to week depending on other sales in the area. Also, we buy multiple houses every month and when we make you an offer, we are committing to you that the cash to purchase your house is available and will be held for several days so that we can close on your house, on your schedule, should you decide to sell it to us. If you feel the offer isn’t a fit for you, then we’ll use those funds to help another seller with their home sale. 

Most scammers are looking for a quick score, and not an in-depth process.  If you ask too many questions or it’s taking too much time to get it done, chances are they will get off the phone with you as soon as they can and move on to the next sucker. Most reputable investors will ask you in depth questions about your situation to see if they have a solution that meets your needs. They are in the business of being in business and only want deals that are win-win.

True investors who run honest and ethical Colorado Springs house buying services want to create long-term businesses built on trust, reputation, and community development.

So when you’re looking at one of the “we buy houses in Colorado Springs companies”…..


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