Sell My Colorado Springs House for Top Dollar

Are you wondering, what do I need to do to sell my house for top dollar in Colorado Springs?


But, what do I need to do?

Here are some tips on how to get your home ready to sell if you are looking to get the best price in Colorado Springs today.  You need to be prepared for what buyers are looking for today.

NOTE:  These instructions apply to getting full retail value  for your house sale.  However, if you don’t want to or can’t do the things suggested below….you can still sell your Colorado Springs house fast  for a fair value in a win-win sale that’ll save you time and expense.

1.Clean, clean and clean.  Even a vacant house can get dusty, so keep it clean for as long as it takes.  Nothing short of gleaming perfection will impress buyers.  If you’re not a clean freak,  hire someone to do it for you until it’s sold. That means sometimes every day the home will need cleaning. Or at least prior to any showings. You need to be on top of it.

If you are living in the house and are a total slob, consider moving out and living elsewhere until the house is sold.  Seriously, keeping everything immaculate helps buyers feel comfortable in your space and doesn’t allow any distractions to diminish their first impression.  Nothing stops people faster from buying than feeling grossed out.  No one will pay top dollar for a home in a desirable neighborhood that is not clean. They will have other choices at that price point that are clean. The only way they will make an offer is for a much lower price…just because of dirt and dust.

2.Cultivate a cohesive, neutral style.  You don’t need to paint all the walls off-white.  In fact, subtle colors can help change the perception of spaces; for example, a soft yellow can help brighten up a dark kitchen, while a deep blue or green can help a bright bedroom seem calmer.  But be careful, as dark colors can also make a room seem smaller. And you know in this neighborhood, depending where the sun falls at different times of the day will affect the hues of the color. And whether your home is in one of the valleys or on the bluffs, the light is very important.  Just like the views.  Keep it simple so that a buyer isn’t turned off by strong colors, but is also encouraged that they don’t have to redo the walls before or after moving in.

Use a high quality paint and get professional help.  Subconsciously people will pay more money for just the right colors and very neat lines – it makes the home feel better built, even though it’s just paint.  Optical illusions are real, and psychologist can attest to this.  Don’t believe it – look it up.  And don’t neglect the outside either, or anything else that looks unbalanced.

3.Fix or replace anything that’s broken.  It may seem like a waste of money to spend an extra couple hundred dollars on replacing a dishwasher that the new owner may not even like, but no potential buyer wants to be faced with replacing appliances prior to moving in.  This neighborhood traditionally has picky buyers. Most buyers will get a home inspection and use any negative results to negotiate with you on the price.  As the seller, you can end up paying more, and/or making less, if you try to hide neglected maintenance from the buyer.  Plus there’s also the added risk of being accused of fraud, so be sure to comply with all the laws.

Actually, it’s not a bad idea to hire a home inspector yourself to check the house out before you put it on the market.  If you ask in advance, they will often charge you a smaller rate to come back after you’ve done a bunch of minor repairs and deliver you a clean bill of health.  At least then you know all is well going into the listing.  Prospective buyers feel more comfortable with an independent report on the house going into the process.

Remember that sometimes you will have to put money in to get top dollar. And you already understand that top dollar on the closing docs may not be top dollar on your bottom line. But, if you want to sell faster and get buyers to put in offers, you need to look better than all the others.

4.That being said, make only necessary improvements.  You don’t need to have the nicest house on the block, or customize so much that you go overboard and turn off potential buyers because what you have done is not their taste.  PAINT IS THE ONLY SAFE INVESTMENT. It’s easy to overspend on almost everything else, and also opens up the door to get ripped off by dishonest contractors.

It’s important to know what improvements will produce a return on investment to avoid wasting money.

1.Get expert opinions.  You should definitely talk with a few decent real estate brokers who will help you price your property, but be honest with them.  If you plan on marketing your property yourself, don’t make enemies by lying about your intentions.  Great brokers are out there, and they make more money for their clients than they earn.   And, many times, people start out trying to sell their homes themselves, but find they don’t have the time or money to market the house properly in order to sell, and end up working with a broker anyway.  So don’t burn your bridges with them.

2.Have a really great marketing plan.  Again, great brokers earn their commission by doing this work and spreading the advertising expenses across multiple clients.  It’s expensive and time-consuming to start from scratch on your own, but if you already know what you are doing, you’re ahead of the pack.

If you’re not, spend the time learning what the best brokers do to sell houses in Colorado Springs.   It’s smart to educate yourself on the options available.

3.Get a cash offer.  We buy houses all over Colorado Springe and WE DO ALL THE WORK so you don’t have to deal with any of this stuff.

Don’t want to do the things above yourself?  But still want to sell your house fast?

While we all want to get as much as we can from a house sale…not everyone can afford or have the time to do the things required to sell it at full retail value to a buyer.

Doing the repairs, cleaning the property up and keeping it clean, making upgrades, replacing broken appliances, marketing the property….these things all take time and money.

If you have the fund to do these things….AND you can wait the 3 to 9 months it may take to sell a house in this market, then you will certainly be better off financially to do these things and list the property on the MLS (the main property listing service that real estate agents use).

If you don’t have the time and/or money to do these things, then you may be a perfect fit for our Colorado Springs house buying service.  You just need to submit basic information  about your house on our website .  We will then evaluate your property, make you a fair all-cash offer, and you can decide if it works for you.

Then we can close FAST , often times within 7 days, if you need us to.

Take a look at what we’ll pay you to not do anything versus the time, expense and hassle involved with doing it on your own.

So, if you’re still asking “what do I need to do to sell my house in Colorado Springs?”….you now have 2 solid options…….


Fix the property up and get it all nice and ready with the steps above in order to get top dollar for it.


Let us do all the work and we’ll make you a cash offer on your house in AS-IS condition.  This saves you time, money, and gets the hassle off your hands.

If you need to sell a property in Colorado Springs, we can help.

We buy properties like yours from people who need to sell fast.

WE BUY HOUSES in Briargate, Security, Fountain, Stetson Hills, Rockrimmon, Widefield, Pikes Peak Park, Mountain Shadows, Peregrine, Black Forest, Village Seven and Cheyenne Meadows.


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