Michael Jake

Michael Jake is the President of Swift Results, Inc., a real estate investment company in Colorado Springs, CO.

January 13, 2016By swiftresults

Michael Jake is the President of Swift Results, Inc., a real estate investment company in Colorado Springs, CO.

Michael has been investing in single family houses since 2000. Since getting serious with his investing business in 2003, he has completed over 1,000 real estate transactions as a principal as of 2016.

Swift Results is a small locally owned business with 4 of us working in the office.  We have purchased single family houses, multi-family properties, condominiums and townhouses, however we prefer to buy detached single family houses.

We specialize in helping sellers who need a fast, fair and honest solution to a real estate related problem. We typically buy properties for cash at a fair price that need mild to extensive updating and renovating. These types of properties allow us to pay a fair price, and allow the property owner to avoid paying real estate commissions or any closing costs. We add value to the property by updating and renovating it. We have purchased inherited houses, rental properties, vacant properties, properties rented to family members, properties in foreclosure, properties requiring a short sale, properties with mold, minor to major structural repairs needed, health code violations, building code violations and many, many other situations.

We also are the preferred buyer in Colorado Springs for properties in great condition but don’t have enough time or equity to sell the traditional way. We specialize in trust, speed and convenience and have years and years of successful feedback from our customers and Acredited Member status with the Southern Colorado Better Business Bureau, so our clients know they are dealing with ethical minded investment company.

After being invited to present at the Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors in 2005, Michael was “mobbed” by other would-be investors that were eager to learn the right way to provide value as an investor and learn from a “Local Mentor” who could show them the ropes. One of Michael’s mentors once stated that if you ever get the opportunity to teach, to do so, as it not only benefits those that teach, it benefits the teacher as well. Michael felt this was an opportunity to give back to the investor community and to learn more himself, so he began mentoring a small group of Colorado investors; a group that slowly grew over the years.

Michael has been long standing member of the Colorado Investor Community and regularly teaches classes to local investment groups, real estate brokers as well as regularly teaching ethical investing at the Colorado Springs Real Estate Investing Club ( which he founded in 2009.   Michael does attract the local crowd because he is still actively investing and he is very savvy about his market.  His students gain tremendously from his knowledge and experience but also his ability to keep them informed of changes in the market prior to them occurring because he keeps up with a tremendous amount of literature from the countless newsletters, news updates, one on one with other gurus and then of course tele-seminars and webinars.   It is unbelievable how much he processes in a weekly basis in addition to actually doing deals himself. He has also in the past been the host of the Colorado Real Estate Investing Radio Show on KRDO

Michael Jake is also a member of, an invitation only group of the top real estate investors in the nation that focus on ethical investor education, collaboration and giving back to our communities.

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