Did you know that many home buyers can decide if they want to go into a house or not within 30 seconds?  Yep, that’s all it takes to turn off a future buyer.  What makes the difference?  Curb Appeal.

One homes we have rehabbed, we have actually had realtors say that someone refused to look at a home they scheduled to view because they don’t like the yard. We live in a 4 season community, sometimes the grass is not green, sometimes the flowers will wilt and the leaves will fall.  But we still need to keep the exterior looking good so when folks drive up, they stop, get out of the vehicle and want to go inside.

It’s important that the exterior of your home reflects the warmth and care that attracts future buyers.  Here are a few budget-friendly things you can to do give your home the curb appeal you need.Manicured Yard

The first thing you need to do is take a critical walk around your home and look at it from a future buyer’s perspective.  Make a note of the obvious issues and then decide which ones would make the biggest impact if fixed or upgraded.  Here are the most common improvements you can make, and the least costly, to get your home looking good on the outside.

Your roof.  Does your roof have missing shingles or flashings?  This is not an expensive fix as it does not require a new roof, only a repair.  But if you don’t deal with it, a prospective buyer may thing that the entire roof is bad and will walk away from that expensive repair.

Your Landscaping.  It doesn’t cost a fortune to clean up your yard.  Some garbage bags, time and effort can make a big difference.  Consider planting some shrubs or flowers if the season is right.  And, get rid of those quirky little garden ornaments you may love but which may turn off a future buyer (Hint:  ditch the pink flamingoes).   You may love the personality of your garden, but you want to sell your house and a buyer may not appreciate the clutter.  Also, if your front garden is small or non-existent, consider container planters if you have the space, just to make your outside look alive.

Your Walkway.  The entrance to your front door should be inviting and pleasant to look at.  If your pathway needs repair or replacement, do it.  Brick pavers are very traditional for a home’s entrance walkway, but natural stone, or even cement can be used.  For some extra money, you could consider stamped concrete, which gives a nice special look to the front of your home.  (

Your front door.  Your front door can make a statement.  If it looks worn and/or outdated, replace it with a newer one.  A new door can return 5x your investment.  If you think your front door is fine, consider painting it to update it.  Bold colors can make your front door pop, and take it from bland to being a statement, but don’t go crazy.  There are many online resources that provide suggestions as to door colors.  However, whatever route you take, be sure that safety and security are also provided.  A front door that appears too accessible for entry by a burglar is a turn-off.  (

Outside living.  This is a very popular option nowadays.  If you have a deck or patio, make sure it looks good.   If you don’t, this can be a good DIY project.

None of these improvements should cost a fortune; most of them can be done for $1000 or less, but the payback can be huge as your home will definitely benefit from an improvement to its curb appeal.

What they will do is get someone to come inside, look around and give you an offer.

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