9 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait Until Spring to Sell Your Colorado Spings Home

We live in a place where we believe certain things Halt during the winter months.

There is no question after the storm and dump of snow ten days ago school was cancelled, businesses closed, everything was stopped.

Selling a Less than Perfect home easier in the winter
Selling a Less than Perfect home easier in the winter





But you know what??? We still looked at houses and bought houses and got homes under contract.

It is possible to get a great price or a quick sale on your home any time of year- if you know how to take advantage of the season.

Winter offers some unique opportunities for sellers, so ignore the “nay sayers” and don’t put your unwanted home in hibernation.

It’s a well known fact that realtors will tell you…if you want to sell your home you should sit out the winter months and wait for spring when the market will be hotter. But like most things in life, finding the best time to sell your home in the Colorado Springs Real Estate Market is more complicated.

The basic thought- and for the average person is likely correct- to list your home in the spring so that you can reap the biggest benefit. This is when more folks are looking to buy. But….this is also when they will have more choices and your home is going to have to either be the nicest or the cheapest. Late winter is actually a prime time for trying to sell your home to take advantage of some pretty awesome perks.

Here are 9 reasons you should get ready to hammer the For Sale sign in the frozen ground, or call that yellow postcard you’ve been holding out on.

  1. Low Inventory creates more demand- right now in Colorado Springs whether the snow has melted or not….there are not enough houses on the market and everyone from home buyers to investors are looking. They are not waiting for the balmy temps. When you wait until Spring the buyers get pickier and the prices go down because all the nice homes will be going on the market.
  2. Folks Relocating for Jobs- companies move folks around the first quarter. Colorado Springs as a whole is looking to get companies to come here. We have seen a few new companies coming into our market and folks are looking for homes. This may benefit you if your home is in good shape and ready for a new home owner, or maybe your house is not financeable due to condition like an old roof, furnace/hot water heater going out. You might be able to get an investor to buy it for cash and they can put money into it and resell it.
  3. Real Estate Agents are hungry this time of year- motivation is always good. If the realtors in our area are not busy they are more willing to show homes and hopefully get more folks into see your home even if its not the best in the neighborhood.
  4. No Landscaping, no problem. Listing your home in the spring means keeping up the landscaping and getting the outside looking lovely is as important as the inside these days. Depending on weather can dictate when landscape companies have new plants or even sod. So you may have to wait until even longer to get your home on the market. Then the difficulty of maintaining it is another challenge.
  5. Who knows if we will have more crazy snow storms. Every time we get a snow storm you have to shovel and make sure the gutter extensions are draining water away from your home and there is no water leaking inside or new complications in a home you already know you want to sell. Sometime selling now to avoid further issues will save you time and money in the end.
  6. Fewer Looking Lou’s – literally . At this time of the year the buyers are more serious. They are not wasting time going out in the snow, ice, and wind because they have nothing better to do. They are looking to buy and do not have as much to compare so your home may look better with less competition.
  7. Homes Sale Faster- believe it or not homes actually sell quicker in the winter months. Folks just don’t want to procrastinate during the winter months. They want to get moving. Pulling the trigger is faster because everyone wants to get the process over and done with.
  8. Real Estate Agents often price homes more realistically in the winter. Again this is because they are hungry and know there are fewer showings , so they want every showing to count and get an offer.
  9. Fear of Rising mortgage rates- there is no question the interest rates are going to start going up. If you want to get into another home and need to sell your first this is certainly something you need to consider as you not only want the most for this home but you want to get locked into a great rate on your next home.


Don’t let your friends or neighbors tell you that now is not a good time to sell your home. Depending on your situation, this may actually be the best time for you. If your house is not tip top inside or outside , or you want to move on, there are advantages to selling before spring.

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